Dermatology Textbook

Dr. Traub’s textbook on dermatology, “Essentials of Dermatological Diagnosis and Integrative Therapeutics,” was completely revised and updated as of May 2008. Copies may be ordered by phone or email: 808-329-2114 or Cost is $55 plus tax or $57.29, plus shipping and handling.

This 110 page book is written for medical students, physicians, and other
healthcare professionals interested in an integrative approach to
dermatological conditions.

Table of contents:

1. Morphology
2. Acne and Rosacea
3. Actinic keratoses and non-melanoma skin cancer
4. Pigmented lesions
5. Benign growths
6. Dermatitis (atopic, contact, seborrheic)
7. Pruritus and Xerosis
8. Psoriasis
9. Impetigo and cellulitis
10. Viral infections and STDs
11. Fungal infections
12. Parasites
13. Urticaria and Drug eruptions
14. Leg ulcers
15. Alopecia
16. Autoimmune diseases, skin signs of systemic disease
17. Photoprotection