Our Doctors

Dr. Traub’s current resident is Kristina Roberts, ND. She is excited to join Lokahi Health Center and work alongside Dr. Traub, a known leader in naturopathic oncology. She has seen how an integrative, individualized, patient-centered approach leads to superior patient outcomes and therefore has adopted that as her practice model. Dr. Roberts is a primary care doctor with special interests in chronic disease management (such as hypertension and diabetes), weight loss, endocrinology (hormone balancing), and sports medicine. With a comprehensive knowledge of both the eastern and western medical perspectives in diagnosis and treatment, she will uncover the root cause for disease and not just cover up symptoms. She empowers and teaches her patients throughout their health journey while helping them to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

Corinne Maul de Soto, ND, joined Lokahi Health Center in June 2014. Her focus is on naturopathic pediatrics and family medicine. See: http://www.drmauldesoto.com/

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